The Boardroom
A Boardgame Cafe'


Can we bring our own games to play at The Boardroom?
No, we do not allow anyone to bring their own games to play at our cafe.  The reason for this is simply that we don't want to ever get parts from your game mixed up with parts from one of ours.  A missing piece from a game can ruin the whole game, and sometimes an additional piece can as well.  There may be exceptions for special events, but unless otherwise noted, the only games allowed in the cafe are the games owned by the cafe.  

I’ve adjusted this rule as some guests have favorite games they like to play that we do not have here. If that is the case it is ok to bring your own game but will be charged a $5 table fee.

What is the charge to play the games?
The charge to play any game in the store (for any amount of time) is $5 per day.  If you bring your child to play, you will not have to pay the charge for them unless they are age 13 or older.

What if my kids want to play and I'm not playing?  Do I still have to pay for myself?
Yes, the kids are only free with a paying adult.  If there is no paying adult, then each child would pay the regular $5 membership fee.

Do I have to pay the game charge if I am just eating or drinking?
No, you do not have to pay the $5 if you are not playing games or if you are only playing the free play bar games.

Why do you charge to play the games?
The $5 charge is there so we are able to keep bringing you the best experience you can have.  As you can imagine the games get beat up pretty fast when dozens of people are playing them daily.  Parts get broken, pieces go missing. We will use this charge mainly to replenish our game inventory and keep everything in working order.  Think of it like paying to see a movie or play putt-putt.  Remember too that you can also pay for monthly, yearly, or lifelong memberships to avoid paying the daily fee.

Can I become a member?
Yes! We sell monthly ($25) and annual ($95) and lifetime ($650) memberships that will allow you to waive the daily access fee.

Why not charge an hourly fee so someone who stays for one hour doesn't have to pay as much as someone who stays for 5?
The reason we charge a flat rate is because we don't want anyone to feel like they have to stop a game early or not finish or rush through a game because they are going to get into the next hour.  We know for a fact that this has happened at other board game cafes who charged by the hour (they ended up changing the way they charge for playing the games to a flat $5 a day fee as well for the same reasons).  It is also VERY hard to keep track of how long people have been in the cafe.   

Can we eat near the games?
Yes, it is perfectly fine to eat while you are playing this is why our menu is made up of ‘game friendly’ items.  Of course we ask that you try not to get peanut butter all over the games, but if it happens, it happens.  You will not have to pay for the game if you spill on it (unless you do it on purpose out of vicious spite I guess). That's precisely why we have the $5 membership charge.

What is game play time etiquette?  How many times can someone play a game before it gets rude?
You can play as long as you like.  Of course if you are not playing or eating it would be nice to give up your table if someone is waiting, but otherwise if you are playing or eating it's first come first served.

Would it be weird to ask to play with a stranger?  Do you play matchmaker for those who are looking to meet people and play a game?
We absolutely encourage playing with strangers!  We can list names and games being played to help accommodate groups looking for more players.

Are there family friendly times vs. adult times?
We want The Boardroom to have a family friendly feel at all times.  During the day we do want everyone to feel like they can bring their kids in and feel comfortable.  There are no age limits at any time at our cafe, except possibly for occasional special events.  You are allowed to drink alcohol while playing games with your kids; there are no separate "kid zones".  Of course we assume you will use discretion as our staff will not be able to watch your kids if you become, shall we say, intoxicated.

Can you reserve a table for a group?
We do not accept reservations - but please feel free to call in advance to ask our staff about the current crowd and any potential wait times.

What are the hours?  What if we are in the middle of a game and the place is closing?
5pm - 10pm on weekdays and 11AM-11PM on the weekends, we are closed on Mondays but will be happy to open for larger parties or events.  We ask that you please try to finish up by closing time so our staff can get some good shut eye to be ready for the next day!

Are there games for sale?
At this time we don't have games for sale at our cafe.  

What types of games do you have?
We have over 200 board and card games from old classics like Monopoly and Clue to new favorites like Mysterium and Codenames.  Check out our game wall to see our selection!